Join us for an important cause in creating carbon sinks by planting trees


Our mission is helping people make an easy and meaningful contribution to slowing down climate change

Slowing down climate change

It is important for us to do our bit for nature. As we studied the matter further, we found that planting trees is one of the most effective ways to slow down climate change. As Christmas tree entrepreneurs, this is the most suitable and natural way for us to participate, as we are already familiar with land acquisition and the organisation of planting.

Inspiring as many people as possible

We are inviting everyone to join in the work against climate change: by planting trees, we can actually help nature instead of making empty promises. Each participant will receive a diploma of the planting. The visibility we gain will hopefully increase the enthusiasm for everyday climate actions. Our mission is to make tree planting a common phenomenon.

Fighting climate change is possible

We believe that everyone can help, even with small actions, in the fight against climate change. As a relevant example, we can reflect on our daily choices and how we could make them more ecologically. Planting trees is an effortless and tangible way to help, and its benefits are scientifically proven.

Join us

Make a tangible contribution to help the climate and join us in creating carbon sinks by planting new trees!

Seedlings planted

Co2 (kg) absorbed by planted trees *

New plantings purchased for next spring

* Each tree will absorb an average of six hundred kilograms (600 kg) of carbon dioxide over its life cycle

How You Can Help


Each tree is significant. You can start by purchasing just one tree seedling or seedlings for a full year (17 pcs) to compensate for your own carbon footprint.


You can make a one-time contribution or we can tailor a long-term solution for your business.


You can add the trademark “” to your company’s products and services.


Cooperation is powerful! If you agree that planting trees is a good thing, persuade others to join our afforestation effort. The more trees, the more absorbed carbon!

What’s the impact to climate

Increasing the number of trees is currently considered the most effective way to stop the acceleration of climate change. By growing new forests, we absorb carbon dioxide in the atmosphere into the biomass of trees, rather than let it strain the atmosphere.

Our first project is the afforestation of Karhusuo

The wetlands currently being reforested is a segment of Kouvola’s Karhusuo in southeastern Finland. The area is a peatland, retired from peat production, where we can create stellar conditions for afforestation. In the spring of 2019, we set our own input by planting 3,000 tree seedlings into the already nutritious land. This is where we will need your help!

Why dried out peatland?

On old peatlands, the releasing of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere continues. With the afforestation of poorly growing forest stands and bare land we can absorb the carbon released into the biomass of trees and ground vegetation. Reforestation of peatlands is climate action in its best form; not only does it reduce emissions from peat decomposition, but it also creates a significant carbon sink!

The Team

Each of us wants to participate in saving nature which is why we joined together in building carbon sinks. We like to capitalise the knowledge and experience gained for a good purpose. Our mission is to work together with partners and clients creating a community with a common purpose, together advancing this important matter.

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Olli Kinnunen

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