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The biggest cause of climate change is the increasing amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere – specifically carbon dioxide (but also methane, for example). If the growth in emissions continues at current rates, the global average temperature will rise by 2-6 degrees Celsius by the end of the century. (source:

The greenhouse effect works on Earth the same way as it does for a greenhouse. Gases in the atmosphere, such as carbon dioxide, trap heat just like the glass roof of a greenhouse. The composition of the atmosphere, in turn, affects the intensity of the heating.

Currently, the increase in the amount of greenhouse gases caused by human activity is changing the composition of the atmosphere, which in turn impacts the temperature of our planet as a “glass ceiling” – the average temperature is rising. As a result, Earth’s climate is also changing. Global warming has many direct and indirect effects, such as the melting of continental and mountain glaciers, the shrinking of northern sea ice, uneven distribution of rainfall as well as rising sea levels. (source:

Climate change brings with it many changes. Looking at Europe, for example, winter temperatures are predicted to rise by several degrees – biggest rises in temperatures will be seen in the Arctic Ocean.

On the other hand, as a result of climate change, northern Europe will see ever increasing precipitation in the future, while southern Europe will suffer from drought. Particularly in the Mediterranean countries, rainfall will be alarmingly low. (source:

If we succeed in limiting greenhouse gas emissions, we are able to impact the magnitude of the above-mentioned changes.

How does one limit greenhouse gas emissions? The first step is to make better choices in everyday life. This may include reducing private motoring and / or flying, focusing on vegetarian food, or refraining from shopping. However, in addition to these “better choices” in everyday life we can do even more for our climate.

According to recent studies, planting trees is the best singular way to fight climate change. The core idea of afforestation lies in carbon sinks, which, as their name might suggest, store carbon. When carbon is released into the atmosphere, its natural cycle shares it with the atmosphere, the seas and the vegetation cover. The problem lying within is that less and less carbon is stored in the seas or vegetation and more in the atmosphere. As mentioned above, carbon dioxide warms up the atmosphere. That is why carbon sinks are important – they reduce the greenhouse effect by absorbing carbon dioxide and reducing its release into the atmosphere. (source:

Every tree is significant. You can start by purchasing just one tree seedling or the planting service of seedlings for a full year (17 pcs) to compensate for your own carbon footprint.

Tiny drops make the mighty ocean and individual tree seedlings become a large forest. One good act can lead to more: when we succeed in changing our own attitude and that of a group, the impact can extend to political decision-making as well. This, in turn, leads to changes at national level, which will continue to global changes. Every act is important!


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