Planting trees by volume

Trees are planted based on the sales volume of the business

This is a very simple way to get started. Trees are planted according to how much the company sells its products. As a compensation measure, this could be, for example, one planted tree per product sold. The variety of products in different companies is large, so the number of trees to be planted is planned to suit your company.

Planting trees based on sales volume is also an easy-to-understand model from the end-customer’s point of view. Getting involved in planting trees communicates the company’s values and desire to take action to prevent global warming. It is a truly concrete action.

To promote this action, the company can make use of the project page of the area currently in the planting phase. This kind of communication helps make a climate act more concrete also to the company’s stakeholders. The project page serves as a window to the planting area and explains what actions are made when.

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