For some time back then when we were involved in the Christmas tree business Havunen, we had been thinking about how we could do our bit for nature. We were particularly concerned about the warming of the climate and the resulting changes in the environment we live in. After exploring various options, it became clear that tree planting is generally considered to be one of the most effective ways to curb climate change. Given our background, this immediately felt like the most natural option.

It was of paramount importance to us to be certain that the plantings would create a functioning carbon sink. The only way to ensure this was to have the entire project under our own control. Another important matter was to create a completely new forest, not, for example, plant trees in existing forest areas. The third matter of focus was that any actions are made in Finland, to promote nature’s well-being in our homeland.

As we got ourselves familiar with the matter, we found research and material that suggests afforesting old peatlands is an excellent option for growing new forest. And so we decided to acquire land and take care of the planting ourselves – after all, this kind of activity is familiar to us Christmas tree farmers.

It quickly dawned on us that many people want to be involved in creating carbon sinks. As a result, istutapuita.fi was born.

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