After the retirement of peat production, the peatlands are flat, non-vegetated fields where the water balance is in good condition due to existing drainage. On account of its soil the Karhusuo swamp currently being reforested is well-suited for forest use. In the spring of 2019, we set our own input by planting 3,000 tree seedlings into the already nutritious land. However, the area is mostly covered by decomposed residual peat, rich in nitrogen. Peat lacks the essential minerals for growth, and with soil under the peat layer, seedling roots have no chance to reach those minerals.

The wetland will receive an ash fertilization in the early spring of 2020 to stabilize the nutrient balance of the partial peatland to reach good growth in the area. Wood ash can help tree growth, for example by adding to the soil vital potassium and phosphorus that peat lacks.

In spring 2020, our very own contribution to Karhusuo will be 5,000 new trees. All the rest of the seedlings planted in this area will be pine trees. Join us in doing important work to slow down climate change and offset your own carbon footprint by planting trees. You can participate by clicking the button below.

Estate registration number: 286-422-10-1
Location of the estate: KOUVOLA
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