Responsible sponsorship

Consumers today expect companies to act responsibly and to solve civic challenges. Many companies are acting responsibly, but are struggling to find ways of communicating this to their customers or potential customers and other stakeholders.

Sponsorship based on company values

Although doing business responsibly does not mean introducing only one-off responsibility campaigns, one solution is to combine sponsorships with various acts of responsibility. As sporting teams have their own target groups, they act as visibility platforms that can be used to reach different target groups depending on the team or athlete.

When you start considering the right partner for you, whether you are a sponsor or a team, there are a few things to take into account: Cooperation can only have an impact when it is genuine and based on common values. If this is not the case, your actions will easily seem superficial or superimposed. When it comes to a genuine partnership, the storytelling comes naturally and the story becomes more profound. The nature of the partnership is easy to test with a simple question: How does it feel like to tell the world about the partnership and your common responsibility actions?

What is a concrete act and how to communicate about it?

While many sporting teams already have a sponsor, the next step for the team and sponsors is to think about what social pain point they want to take a stand on together. In what way will they do it and how it can be refined into concrete action and communication.

One option for this is to plant trees as carbon sinks if you want to show your willingness to do your bit in resolving the current climate crisis. This can only be a reality if both the team and the sponsor are fully involved.

We are happy to take you through how tree planting could be exploited in your company’s sponsoring activities. We already have some experience in the matter: Together with the floorball club Classic and their sponsor Teva-Team, we implemented a related concept. 

In addition, we offer top-notch know-how on how to combine responsibility with sponsorship. Just get in touch and together we plan how to do responsible things!

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