Compensation based on figures

Compensation based on known emissions

You can offset emissions according to calculated emissions or to meet your own emission targets. The calculated amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by a tree planted in peatlands during its life cycle is 600kg (0.6 tonnes). Dividing the amount of compensatable emissions (tonnes) by 0.6 reveals the required number of seedlings to be planted.

Offsetting emissions from individual events or even supply chains is also a popular model. Sporting events, product transportation costs, or life cycle models are good examples of compensation targets. In fact, there are an unlimited variety of ideas! Even the smallest things can be compensated, painting a picture of an environmentally respectful and responsible business.

Via communication, a company can present to its audience its ecologically streamlined operating models. By presenting the benefits achieved with the help of the change in operations compared to the previous methods, the company can demonstrate the mechanical measures already taken to reduce emissions. Any remaining emissions can be offset by planting trees to achieve carbon neutrality.

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