“Seedling greeting”

A “seedling greeting” is a popular way to keep in touch with the company’s stakeholders. It’s a digital card telling the recipient about a tree seedling planting along with your own message. The seedling greeting is perfect for a Christmas greeting or other occasions. It can also act as an invite for an event. A seedling greeting is a distinctive, symbolic message that starts the journey into a fully-grown tree that will be a part of a carbon sink.

The seedling greeting is also commonly used for prompting customers to respond to satisfaction surveys. According to the replies or using the desired ratio, the desired number of trees is planted.

This way, the company can communicate about their small climate action along with their values and matters of importance. By including a link to the project pages along with the greeting / survey, the project becomes more concrete and clearer for the recipient.

How does it work?

Choose the image that best fits your company and write the desired greeting. You can see the card number by enlarging the image. Your logo can also be added to your greeting.

Next, think about how many greetings you want to send. The price is determined according to the Pricing table below. 

No worries, if the number of planted trees differs from the number of recipients of the seedling greeting. In such a case, the number of plantings you have ordered will be added to the greeting and you can send the greeting to the desired number of people. You will receive the card as a pdf, which you can attach to an email.


Digital cards
€ 9 / pcs – For orders less than 200 pcs
€ 7 / pcs – For orders of 200-500 pcs
€ 5 / pcs – For orders above 500 pcs

Printed cards – contact us for a quote!

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