Our carbon sinks receive the FSC certificate

We proudly announce that the forests planted by istutapuita.fi are now FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council). Even the Tuulisuo carbon absorption project that started in the summer of 2022 has been certified. The forest management associations who we cooperate with closely follow the FSC guidelines throughout the entire life cycle of the forest. This is one of the methods we use to guarantee the responsible management of our forests. It is monitored by regular audits. In addition, we order additional inspections covering the entire forestry operation from the auditor Bureau Veritas.

The FSC certificate is an assurance of responsible forest management

Our operations have so far always been firmly based on responsibility, and FSC certification gives our customers, and further to their customers, additional assurance about our operating responsibility. Our web pages vouch for the transparency of our operations, e.g. by listing the forest management measures we do to maximize carbon absorption. External auditing, which is an essential part of FSC certification, supplements this transparency by verifying the responsible implementation of all measures. FSC was selected as the partner to guarantee our responsibility work because of its recognition and values ​​- both companies and consumers recognize the certificate and the responsibility guarantees it bears.

Istutapuita.fi has been accepted as a member of an independent FSC group. Our staff as well as the contact person of our forest management association have all received FSC training. The training was arranged by Raimo Asikainen of CareliaForest Consulting Oy, who has had a long career in responsible forest management and who leads the FSC group that accepted istutapuita.fi as a member. Mr Asikainen shares the view on promoting the transparency of operations: “When forestry operations are based on the guidelines and rules of a certification system run by an international non-governmental organization, and which are certified by an independent operator, the customer can rely on responsibility being fulfilled.”

“FSC certification of forests planted for absorbing carbon is becoming more popular, as we are yet to see a certification system explicitly for carbon sinks. An FSC-stamped carbon sink gives consumers a strong image of reliability in the activities and eliminates any doubt regarding greenwashing.” sums up Mr Asikainen.

In forestry, what does FSC mean in practice?

In FSC-certified forests, ten principles must be followed to guarantee responsibility per the so-called Triple Bottom Line principle. The term refers to the balance of environmental, social and financial responsibility of the operation. All ten principles each contain numerous criteria, which are used to evaluate the implementation of the principles in forest management.

Read more about FSC content here (in Finnish): https://fi.fsc.org/fi-fi/suomen-fsc/fscn-metsanhoidon-standardi-suomessa

FSC’s 10 international principles
1. Compliance with laws: Forest owners shall respect all applicable laws of the country in which they occur.
2. 2. Employees’ rights and working conditions: Forest owners shall maintain or improve the social and economic well-being of employees. 
3. 3. Indigenous peoples’ rights: Forest owners shall recognize and respect the legal and customary rights of indigenous peoples to own, use and manage their lands, territories, and resources. 
4. Local communities: Forest owners shall maintain or enhance the social and economic well-being of local communities. 
5. Benefits from the forest: Forest owners shall maintain or enhance the financial, social and ecological benefits the forests provide. 
6. Environmental values and impact to the environment: Forest owners shall maintain the ecosystem in its forests and conserve its biological diversity, resources, and landscapes. 
7. Forest management plan: Forest owners shall write up a forest management plan and the means of achieving it. 
8. Monitoring and assessment:: Forest owners shall demonstrate progress towards forest management targets. 
9. High conservation value forests: Forest owners shall maintain the management activities in high conservation value forests and enhance the attributes which define such forests in the context of a precautionary approach. 
10. Implementation of forest management: Forest owners must ensure that all measures and forest management methods are in line with the forest management targets and principles and criteria or promote the social and economic well-being of local communities.

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