What is biodiversity and how do we consider it in our operations?

Biodiversity means the diversity of life, such as genes, species and ecosystems on Earth. Diversity is essential for all life on Planet Earth – including humans. Without diverse animals, plants and microorganisms, no healthy ecosystems are enabling us to live on Earth.

Nature loss is rapidly rising alongside climate change as one of the issues most threatening the future of humanity. Nature loss, as the name suggests, refers to the fact that a part of nature disappears completely, or its diversity diminishes. This transpires as the destruction of habitats, the reduction of populations and the complete disappearance of species. The loss of even a few species that are key to ecosystems may cause a chain reaction where biodiversity significantly diminishes in a short period of time.

There are many causes of the problem, but human actions and their consequences are the main culprits. These include changes in land use, pollution and climate change. We at Istutapuita.fi want to play an active part in the positive development of biodiversity. Therefore we are increasingly focusing on diversity issues alongside carbon absorption. The problem is genuine here in Finland, too. As our projects are domestic, we want to do our bit by making our carbon sinks as rich in biodiversity as possible. In addition, as is often the case, when doing good for nature, the benefits can be seen in the long-term profitability of the companies participating in green marketing.

How diversity is reflected in our project sites

We constantly develop our operations from a biodiversity perspective as well, and we refine the practical implementation of forestry measures following the best possible current information available. In Finland, important biodiversity research is being conducted by various parties. We are currently having an open dialogue with various research organizations because we aim to be a pioneer in the Finnish compensation market.

We have already discussed e.g. with SYKLI (the Environmental School of Finland) about partially saving other tree species during the forest thinning phase, as well as leaving rotten wood in our forests. Each tree species has its so-called companion species, which may include as many as two thousand organisms. It is important for the biodiversity that in addition to pine, other tree species grow on our planting sites. Rotten wood is an important part of the cycle of nature. It enables the presence of thousands of species that depend on it. Find out more about the benefits of securing forest diversity in the “Metsään” magazine article (in Finnish).


Other vegetation has also found its way to Tuulisuo, which is taken into account in the planning of further measures.

We cooperate with the Environmental School of Finland Sykli on many fronts, and increasing the consideration of biodiversity in our operations is no exception to this. We have already received valuable input from the professionals at Sykli, and we intend to strengthen the cooperation in the future as well. We recently visited together at the Tuulisuo site, where planting is ongoing. We spoke to our local forest management association about securing the diversity of Tuulisuo also during seedling management and thinning.

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