Our cooperation with the Environmental School of Finland Sykli

Because we aspire to continuously develop our operations, we are actively in contact with various research organizations. Our closest cooperation is with the Environmental School of Finland (Sykli), which focuses its daily operations on training various industry professionals to act more sustainably in their roles, and offers a variety of responsibility services to companies. We are pleased to be able to use Sykli’s skilled experts in various collaboration projects, and Sykli will in turn donate each of its 2022 graduates a seedling from us.

Comprehensive sustainability service

This spring we have expanded the Istutapuita.fi service package to more comprehensively include – in addition to the high-quality domestic emission compensation offered to consumers – also business customers with carbon footprint calculations and emission reduction roadmaps. We get help from Sykli’s expertise in the implementation of both services described above – in practice they help us verify carbon footprint calculations and together we brainstorm on mapping emission reduction targets and methods. By cooperating with Sykli, we can always guarantee our customers high-quality sustainability consultation service – the more professionals doing their bit in a customer project, the better.

Continuous development of responsibility issues

We cooperate with Sykli on many fronts including considering biodiversity in carbon sink forests. Nature loss is rising alongside climate change as one of the issues most threatening the future of humanity. We want to be pioneers in domestic compensation work in tackling nature loss. We want to develop research projects where the subject could be approached scientifically, offering our carbon sinks as locations for implementing projects. Being in line with Sykli’s principle of accommodating sustainability know-how into everyday activities, we are willing to constantly learn and evolve.

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