The problems of global afforestation projects are depicted in Finnish debate

This article by Helsingin Sanomat Taimi on kovin laiha lohtu on July 30, 2022 (translating roughly into “Seedling is a cold comfort”) discussed the problems of the global emission compensation market, focusing specifically on planting trees. From the title of the column, it is easy to derive the topic approach: questionable afforestation projects were listed from around the world.

The article addressed – quite on-topic – how diversity is actualized in afforestation projects but completely ignored possible solutions and those developing them. The reader is left with a feeling that the whole diversity issue in the industry is ignored. There are a wide variety of businesses in this industry, both Finnish and global, that are still implementing compensation in the best way they see fit. It’s a task left for the service providers to create a solution that is as seamless and functional as possible, both from the point of view of nature and corporations.

The wide range of afforestation projects carried out with compensation in mind also received less attention in the article. That is, nevertheless, a critical issue in terms of carbon absorption: By afforesting peatlands, we prevent the release of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, in addition to the carbon absorbed to trees.

Objective: Diverse carbon sink

We at want to play an active part in the positive development of biodiversity. Therefore we are increasingly focusing on diversity issues alongside carbon absorption. In Finland, important biodiversity research is being conducted by various parties. We are currently having an open dialogue with various research organizations because we aim to be a pioneer in the Finnish compensation market. Customers are increasingly demanding actions to promote the diversity of carbon sinks and responsible planting. We already cooperate with the Environmental School of Finland Sykli, and we’ve had preliminary discussions about diversity cooperation with the University of Turku. The FSC certificate certifies responsible forest management on our planting sites.

Ground rules build up accountability in the industry

Emission compensation alone does not solve the critical increase in the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, but – combined with other climate change actions – is an excellent way to absorb carbon dioxide already released into the atmosphere. The Helsingin Sanomat article listed failed afforestation projects from around the world, and Finland also desperately needs rules and regulations in compensation work. This way we can avoid unfavourable projects in terms of biodiversity. Even though industry standards are still a work in progress, we can already follow the four basic pillars of compensation activities: additionality, permanence, avoiding double counting and avoiding carbon leakage. Read more about the current state of the compensation market and prospects in our article.

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