Get started with realistic climate goals for your business

The climate goals for a business are like any other strategic goals: one has to start somewhere, and when the bar’s too high the work will not be rewarding. Finland aims for carbon neutrality by 2035. The sooner your organization starts doing its part, the more time is allowed to achieve the climate goals.

In the business world, the following mindset rules: What is the current profit of our business, and how could we increase it most simply and quickly? When all that is done, what results can we expect? Would it be possible to reach even better results in the next fiscal year if we worked just a little bit harder? And what should we do in the long run?

This kind of mindset is theoretically easy to apply to climate goals as well: What is the current carbon footprint of our business, and how could we reduce it most simply and quickly? When all that is done, what kind of carbon footprint can we expect? Would it be possible to reduce even more emissions in the next fiscal year or are our goals already good enough? And what should we do in the long run?

It’s better to begin than to wait

A conscious and critical reader might wonder why would we at encourage people to make minor climate actions, when now is the time for major, even challenging, actions.

Our mission is to help people and businesses participate in slowing down climate change in an easy and meaningful way. We would rather encourage people to take action on their climate goals where the bar is low than raise that bar and in the worst-case scenario cause backlash by emphasizing how major actions are required. We believe that the lower the threshold, the more likely actions accumulate. Even minor one-off actions have a major collective effect. It is much more effective than leaving these minor actions completely undone.

If the bar is too high, people are less likely to take action. It is better for businesses to have the courage to begin working for their climate goals right away than to wait for a point in future when they are somehow more prepared or able to work for the goals than right now. It is also better that we begin doing climate actions now when we are inspired and willing, and not dictated by sanctions when time is already running out.


We help define your company’s climate goals

In cooperation with us, you can find out your corporate carbon footprint, plan emission reductions, and offset the remaining carbon footprint by planting trees on old peatlands.

According to the report by Natural Resources Institute Finland (LUKE), the peatlands turn from a significant emission source into a carbon sink via planting trees. One tree absorbs 594 kilograms of carbon dioxide over a hundred years. The carbon footprint of the average Finn is about 10,000 carbon dioxide equivalents, which corresponds to the carbon dioxide absorbed by 17 trees in a hundred years.

A large forest is formed by individual tree seedlings. The impact of all, even minor one-off actions adds up, and the influence is immense. Join our environmental work where every action counts.

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