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When I started my Master’s studies in corporate environmental management at the School of Economics in Finland, I imagined a situation where companies compete over environmental professionals before they have even graduated. The reality was something totally different because concrete work experience in corporate environmental management was completely missing. It was exciting when it was agreed that I would take on the role of a compensation expert here at, a company that offers compensation services. My job would be seeking potential customers and selling the service.


Aleksi Eloranta

I wanted to, right from the start, evolve myself and the company to offer more comprehensive responsibility services. I was happy to see that in a small organization, my thoughts were actually heard and developing the service package could start at a low threshold!

Part of my education at the University of Jyväskylä included environmental and responsibility studies with a business twist, which have been very useful to me in developing new things. However, only doing tangible things reveals one’s competence and potential. That’s why I really enjoyed seeing my colleagues enthusiastically accept my suggestions. I am now working for the first time in a startup company, and it has been amazing to experience how low the threshold for moving initiatives forward can be. To a large extent, the greatest factor in this is the desire of the business founders to experiment and develop their service.

During my employment, which lasted just under a year, I witnessed the business grow both in terms of the number of customers and the offered services. Today, provides clients with the entire package, from carbon footprint calculations to emission reduction roadmaps, as well as offsetting the remaining emissions. The company’s core activity – emission compensation – has also evolved to better meet the challenges in the changing operating environment. Cooperating with industry training organizations, as well as getting an FSC standardization for afforestation projects are good examples of improving operations and meeting customer needs.

There is huge growth potential in domestic compensation, and we’ve seen several new service providers in Finland in recent years. Everyone deals with carbon dioxide absorption in one way or another, and it has been extremely satisfying for me to refine’s compensation model to meet the criteria of good compensation in a sector that’s still relatively unregulated.

My career path is now taking a turn towards new challenges, but I can warmly recommend everyone to join a smaller company to help oneself, the company, and the entire industry evolve!

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