Offsetting carbon dioxide emissions in public tenders

Low-carbon requirements for products and services are becoming more common in public sector procurement processes. This might cause some otherwise potential service providers to be excluded from a bidding process. Emission reduction goals and mindset changes are directly reflected in procurement. This is one of the reasons we are increasingly asked about our carbon compensation services and the opportunities it brings for bidding processes. Many of Finland’s municipalities are involved in the Carbon Neutral Municipalities project (or Hinku project) which brings together operators committed to emission reductions. More than 80 municipalities are already involved in the project, and this also shows how climate issues play an increasingly important role in bidding criteria. 

“It is important for the entire staff here at to offer clients a domestic, transparent and tangible carbon compensation option. We want to ensure that the work we do is reasonable for climate and nature, and that our work has a positive impact on employment in Finland. These values ​​have been important to us from the start, and based on them we evolve our operations.”
– Timo Tammenaho, CEO 

The fact that our service is easy to use, comprehensible and affordable has been a focus of the operation since day one. Planting trees on peatlands is a concrete act that anyone can understand, and it’s supported by the report on carbon absorption by Natural Resources Institute Finland (LUKE). Local forest management associations handle the planting and managing of our forests, so we can rest assured they are in good hands. In addition, our website allows anyone to keep track of the plantings. 

Contact our compensation experts today to discuss your needs and any questions you may have about our service! 

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