New climate project in Tuulisuo in Vaala

The afforestation of the Karhusuo peatlands since the spring of 2019 was a success, and we at are already starting a new climate project.

“We can proudly state that the Karhunsuo peatlands are now filled with new growing seedlings. After some years, there will be a bunch of full-grown pine trees for us to admire. For our next afforestation project, we have acquired close to 37 hectares of land retired from peat production from Tuulisuo in the municipality of Vaala”, says Timo Tammenaho from

In the following years about 60,000 new pine seedlings will be planted on the land, that will become a carbon sink. During their lifetime, these trees will absorb a total of 36 million kilograms of carbon dioxide.

Setting for good growth

By carrying out the necessary measures on the land, better growth conditions can be ensured for these seedlings.

“We ash-fertilize the land with wood ash which fixes the nutrient balance of peatlands creating an excellent setting for good growth. The area will also be reversal mounded in order to turn the soil and plant the seedlings slightly above their habitat”, says Tammenaho.

During the first few years of its life, a seedling is highly exposed to the surrounding vegetation. Tall grasses and other dense vegetation prevent access to sunlight and can suffocate the seedling.

For the good of the nature

By being concerned about the well-being of our climate, you also bring out the values of your business. Responsibility is one of the cornerstones of modern business operations.

“We challenge everyone to make tangible actions to help save nature. You can make a one-time contribution or we can tailor a long-term solution for your business”, says Tammenaho.

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