News from Karhusuo!

Environmental news from Karhusuo! The seedlings of 2020 have now been planted, and the old peatland of Karhusuo has started its journey towards a carbon sink!

Karhusuo was ash-fertilized with the leftover ash from the local power plant. Wood ash fixes the nutrient balance of peatlands creating an excellent setting for good growth. The ash fertilization was carried out by Kone-Koskelainen from Lappeenranta. The ash was “locally produced” at the heating plant of VAPO’s Utti garrison.

Part of the area was also reversal mounded to turn the soil and plant the seedlings slightly above their habitat. This was handled by Maansiirto Mikko Porvari Ky.

Everyone can contribute with their actions

Measures are performed on the peatlands as required, e.g. removal of willows at the top of the ditches.

The project has been successful and more than 10,000 pine seedlings are now growing in the area. During this year, the pine trees grow their roots so that entering dormancy can be successful.

Many thanks to everyone! 

A big thank you to those involved in the project! Everyone can contribute to slowing down global warming with their actions. Small things might sometimes feel meaningless, but keep in mind that change always starts with individuals.

By doing things differently, you can often affect others as well, enabling changes on a larger scale. The springtime was particularly difficult for the global economy and slowed down many climate projects, but their number is inevitably growing.


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